/Young boy pens letter to Queen asking for help to save coach industry

Young boy pens letter to Queen asking for help to save coach industry

Published on Monday, July 27, 2020

The eight-year-old son of a coach operator has written to Queen Elizabeth II, appealing for help to save the beleagured transport industry.

In his letter,  Theo Taylor asks Her Majesty to help him track down Boris Johnson as he has been ‘having trouble getting in touch with him’.

Theo reached out to Boris after coach operators who took part in a massive Honk for Hope demonstration last Monday expressed disappointment that their efforts had not resulted in any response from the government.

Coach companies are reporting a 97% drop in business and fear mass redundancies if no government help is forthcoming.

They want to see vehicle payment holidays, flexible furlough and support towards the cost of coaches, plus a positive message from the government to encourage people to use coach travel again.

Coach operators say the industry, which accounts for 42,000 direct jobs, has been ‘forgotten’.

Last week, one coach driver took his own life, with colleagues saying the financial stress had become too much of a burden.

Theo’s letter to the Queen says: “I was wondering as you are head of our government if you could ask him to talk to me as I am so worried about our coach industry.

“I am the son of a coach operator and we are in desperate need of help. I hope you are safe and well.”

He’s also written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, saying: “42,000 people are at risk of losing their jobs and their family businesses will close. 

“Please will you spare me some time to talk to me as I am so worried about my future. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

Mum Helen Taylor said: “Theo is determined to get through to Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak. He’s aiming to write a letter a day to Boris, until he gets a response.

“What about the seaside front towns that need the coaches to support their cafes and ice cream parlours? We supply the tourists to these destinations!! Wake up government, we NEED your support.”

Travel agent Mair Jones, partner at Bordessa Holidays in West Wales who sells a lot of coach tours, including putting packages together herself, said: “Theo is the next generation. It’s a shame the government is not listening and what is sad is that it’s affecting mental health and the loss of a driver this week. The industry needs help.”

By Lisa James, Deputy Editor (UK)



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