/FAA orders emergency inspections on Boeing 737 jets

FAA orders emergency inspections on Boeing 737 jets

Published on Monday, July 27, 2020

US airlines have been ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration to check Boeing 737 jets after concerns over engine shut-downs.

The agency said it affects about 2,000 planes in the US which have been parked for seven or more days or been used fewer than 11 times since being grounded.

The FAA took action after four incidents of engines shutting down mid-flight.

Inspectors found that some engine valves can become stuck in the open position.

Corrosion of the valves may lead to loss of power and pilots may not be able to restart the engines.

Corrosion is more likely when planes are parked or used less frequently.

Alaska Airlines said one of its planes had an engine shut-down in mid-July but it landed safely without incident.

Alaska has six planes that need inspecting while United Airlines and Delta are checking 28 and 20 Boeing 737s respectively.

The order does not apply to the Boeing 737 Max which has been grounded worldwide for more than a year.

by Ray Montgomery, US editor

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