/Rishi Sunaks Budget no help, says VIVIDs Kane Pirie

Rishi Sunaks Budget no help, says VIVIDs Kane Pirie

Published on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

VIVID Travel boss Kane Pirie has accused the Chancellor Rishi Sunak of leaving travel companies out of the support offered to businesses in his emergency Budget.

He said the Job Retention Bonus Scheme announced by Sunak, which rewards companies that take back furloughed employes, ‘does nothing’ for his company.

“We have kept the full team on throughout. We have also not been eligible for any of the loans offered,” he said.

Pirie has been calling on the Government to give businesses a 12-month holiday from employer’s tax, including National Insurance. He said that would reduce companies’ wage bills by 13%.

“That would be more effective than any of the announcements made,” said Pirie. “The Government inaction for travel is at odds with the warm words of encouragement.”

He pointed out that travel was one of the first industries to be hit by the lockdown, companies have been forced to refund on an ‘unequalled scale’, and new sales are being hampered by ‘a myriad of shifting risks and regulations’.

“The travel industry is losing businesses and jobs already. The industry is fighting hard for survival, but support is needed,” added Pirie. “There is no end to the disruption in sight and realistically it could well be 2021 before confidence returns to the market.”

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