/Missouri Covid-19 lawsuit dismissed as absurd by China

Missouri Covid-19 lawsuit dismissed as absurd by China

Published on Thursday, April 23, 2020

China’s foreign ministry has dismissed as ‘absurd’ a lawsuit brought by the U.S. state of Missouri seeking damages for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the suit has ‘no factual and legal basis at all.’

It amounts to nothing more than ‘vexatious litigation’ and should be dismissed.

“This so-called lawsuit is very absurd,” Geng said, adding that China handled the outbreak in an ‘open, transparent, and responsible manner.’

The suit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt alleges Chinese authorities lied and covered up the extent of the outbreak by silencing whistle blowers.

“Thousands have been infected and many have died, small businesses are shuttering their doors, and those living paycheck-to-paycheck are struggling to put food on their table,” it claimed.

Geng said Chinese officials had been in constant contact with the Trump Administration about the developing spread of coronavirus since January 3.

It is not the first lawsuit targeting China but is the first officially brought by a US state’s attorney general.

It is a largely symbolic measure only as foreign countries generally have sovereign immunity under US law.

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