/Disney heiress vents at pillaging executives

Disney heiress vents at pillaging executives

Published on Thursday, April 23, 2020

One of Walt Disney Co’s most vocal critics has fired off another tweetstorm.

Heiress Abigail Disney has long been a champion of workers’ rights at the company and slammed Disney for furloughing more than 100,000 workers while maintaining some executive bonuses and shareholder dividends.

“Disney faces a rough couple of years, to be sure but that does not constitute permission to continue pillaging and rampaging by management,” she tweeted.

Abigail Disney is the granddaughter of company co-founder Roy Disney

She called out the expected $1.5 billion in bonuses and dividends to shareholders as unjust in the current climate.

“That’d pay for three months’ salary to front line workers and it’s going to people who have already been collecting egregious bonuses for years,” she tweeted.

“Eighty percent of shares are owned by the wealthiest 10%. Pay the people who make the magic happen with respect and dignity they have more than earned from you.”

“This company must do better.”

The unprecedented scale of furloughs will save the company about $500 million in payroll costs.

Disney executives have also taken a pay cut or are foregoing a salary until the pandemic ends.

However Abigail Disney said: “Salary is a drop in the bucket for these guys. The real payday is in the rest of the package.”

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