/Disney parks furlough thousands more cast members

Disney parks furlough thousands more cast members

Published on Monday, April 13, 2020

Walt Disney Co has announced tens of thousands more workers will be furloughed from next week.

Disney management has secured agreement with multiple unions at parks in Florida and California to send workers home without pay.

In addition to already announced furloughs, about 43,000 unionized Disney World workers will be stood down.

About 200 essential workers will remain on the job, the Service Trades Council Union said.

Disney agreed to fund free healthcare benefits for one year and will continue the Disney Aspire educational scheme for furloughed workers.

It represents a massive 77,000 furloughs at Disney parks in Florida, which is a major blow to the Orlando area economy.

According to state data, it will almost triple Orlando’s unemployment rate.

The furloughs are for an indefinite period.

In California, thousands more Disney employees are being sent home without pay from April 19.

It reached agreements with 10 trade unions.

 “Disney has reached agreements with several unions for hourly cast members that will maintain members’ health insurance benefits coverage, educational support and additional employee assistance programs,” Disney said in a statement.

“These agreements provide an easier return to work when our community recovers from the impact of covid-19. We are grateful to have worked together in good faith to help our cast members navigate these unprecedented times.”

Disneyland’s unionized employees make up the vast majority of the 31,000 cast members at the Anaheim theme parks.

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