/British guests trapped in Tenerife hotel plead to be released as coronavirus spreads

British guests trapped in Tenerife hotel plead to be released as coronavirus spreads

Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

British holidaymakers trapped in a Tenerife hotel have pleaded to be allowed to fly home after being provided with only meagre provisions.

Around 1,000 guests have been quarantined in the popular H10 Costa Adeje hotel in the south of the island after an Italian guest was diagnosed with coronavirus (Covid-19). 

His wife and two others they were on holiday with have since also tested positive for the virus, which has now spread to several other countries including Austria, where a hotel in Innsbruck is in lockdown, and to Switerland, Croatia and Brazil.

Other guests in the Costa Adeje hotel, including TUI and Jet2 customers, have been told to stay in their rooms since early yesterday morning. The hotel has been locked, according to local media, and a road block set up aside to prevent anyone from entering or leaving.

One British guest, university student ‘Rosy’ told BBC Radio 5 Live that they had been provided with water and only cold rice and yogurt yesterday.

Rosy, her brother and her father had visited Tenerife for just four days, but their flight home was delayed due to a sandstorm on Sunday and they have since been detained by the coronavirus outbreak.

Appealing for the government to arrange for guests to be flown home, she said they would be happy to remain in self-imposed quarantine in the UK, but didn’t want to stay in Tenerife.

“What should have been a four-day break could turn into six weeks away,” she said, adding that they’ve been starved of information.

She said staff were held yesterday for six to seven hours on the street outside the hotel because they weren’t allowed inside and they weren’t allowed to leave. “They are gone now so I don’t know what happened,” she added.

Guests in the hotel have been given thermometers to take their own temperatures to check they don’t have a fever then given surgical masks to allow them to go briefly outside for some fresh air.

However, if they linger too long, they are told by staff to return to their rooms.

“We are feeling alright, we are managing the situation, it is frustrating when the news you are getting is coming from outside the hotel rather than inside,” added Rosy.

Her brother told 5 Live: “I keep going down to reception but the guy behind the desk is being very cautious with what he says, he says they don’t know anything yet, it’s just fluff.”

TravelMole has contacted both TUI and Jet2 this morning for an update, but they have not yet responded.Yesterday, Jet2 said it has stopped selling the hotel  and clients already booked will be transferred to other properties. A spokesperson said: “We are aware of reports that a non-Jet2holidays customer staying at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace in Tenerife has tested positive for coronavirus. Under the advice of the Regional and the Spanish Government Authorities, the hotel has been placed under quarantine. 

“We have stopped all sales to the hotel, and customers who are due to travel to the hotel will be transferred to other accommodation. In line with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice, our flying programme remains unchanged.

“The health and safety of our customers is our absolute priority, and we will continue to release more information as it becomes available.”

Yesterday TUI said: “All guests have been asked to remain in their rooms and are being looked after by the hotel. Our holiday programme to Tenerife continue to operate as planned for all other hotels. We will provide a further update as soon as we have more information.”

Ashotel, the hotel employers’ association, said in a press release: “We call for calm and tranquility. We have a first level health service and the established protocols are underway and working.

“We urge you to avoid the spread of hoaxes and always resort to official information channels, in this case to the Canary Islands Government. It is a health issue but it obviously affects the tourism sector.”

“We are providing absolute cooperation to the authorities, with whom we are in permanent contact and strictly following the protocol for this case.”

“The hotel where the affected tourist was staying is taking care of the situation, showing absolute responsibility and following each and every one of the steps established in the protocol. The situation inside the establishment is normal; all clients are informed of what is happening and give their full cooperation to follow the recommendations established by the authorities.”

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