/Affordable culls more than half of its rental partners

Affordable culls more than half of its rental partners

Published on Friday, February 7, 2020

Affordable Car Hire has ditched more than half its worldwide rental partners in a move to focus on an all-inclusive, excess-free, premium service.

CEO Angela Day said: “I was continually disappointed to hear from customers who, after lengthy flights, had experienced the hard sell of insurance and other products from our budget rental partners.

“We are a service industry and ensuring our customer’s experience is hassle-free is paramount.

“We’ve decided to cull more than half of our rental partners and have introduced a premium service which offers all-inclusive excess-free rentals with our international partners.

“As we move through 2020, we hope our customers will see the difference of being guaranteed premium service at Affordable prices.”

Affordable said travel agents will benefit from this premium product with more commission available due to the higher price point, while customers will benefit from a quality premium product, no hard-sell and a hassle-free vehicle rental experience.

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