/Cathay gives permission for flight crew to wear face masks

Cathay gives permission for flight crew to wear face masks

Published on Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cathay Pacific Airways has given permission for flight attendants to wear face masks while working on aircraft operating from mainland China.

However the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union wants it extended to all flights.

The union says it has received a lot of messages from concerned cabin crew about potential exposure to coronavirus.

“All of them are worried about the risk they are taking every time they go to work,” the union said in a Facebook post.

“It is time for the company to properly address their concerns and allow cabin crew to wear masks on all flights.”

Cathay is also waiving any change fees, rerouting and refunding customers booked on flights to Wuhan.

The carrier has started handing out health declaration forms, face masks and antiseptic wipes to passengers on inbound flights to Hong Kong from Wuhan.

There have now been more than 300 confirmed cases of the Sars-like virus which originated in Wuhan.

It has since sread to other cities in China and four other countries including the US.

Six people have died so far.


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