/Bill Clinton gives Dom Rep safety approval

Bill Clinton gives Dom Rep safety approval

Published on Thursday, January 9, 2020

While there are still lingering doubts about tourist safety in the Dominican Republic, the destination has just got a presidential seal of approval.

Former POTUS Bill Clinton was in the country showing support for the D.R. tourism industry and encouraging Americans to ‘come and have a good time.’

“It’s beautiful, and I think the Dominican Republic is well on its way to full recovery from the little hiccup we had over the tourism. This is a great place – and everybody should come here and see it,”  Clinton said.

Clinton made the comments during a round of golf at the Playa Grande Golf Course in Rio San Juan.

The Dominican Republic is still recovering after a series of high-profile American tourist deaths which authorities claimed were all coincidences.

The adverse publicity caused damage to the Dominican Republic tourism brand.

Speaking of the negative publicity, the former President said: “I came pretty early after the first controversy started, and I was confident, once the medical tests were done they would justify the ranking. There are 58 countries in the world which are less safe for American tourists than the Dominican Republic.

“People should come here and have a good time. I think the country’s well run and the people involved in the tourism industry do a good job. I’m never worried about (safety).”



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