/Popular natural attraction destroyed in Puerto Rico quake

Popular natural attraction destroyed in Puerto Rico quake

Published on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company said Monday’s pre-dawn 5.8-magnitude earthquake destroyed one of the island’s most popular natural attractions.

The coastal rock formation of Punta Ventana collapsed after the quake, and fell into the sea.

It had been weakened over the preceding few days as Puerto Rico experienced a number of tremblors.

The attractions of Cueva Ventana and Ruinas del Faro were also destroyed.

Located in Guayanilla, Punta Ventana was one of the most popular sites

There were no casualties reported although some homes were badly damaged and roads were damaged in landslides.

The quake also led to large scale power outages.

The current seismic activity experienced in Puerto Rico began on December 28.


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