/Operators call for more time to prepare for Brexit

Operators call for more time to prepare for Brexit

Published on Friday, December 13, 2019

UKinbound is urging the new Government to extend the Brexit transition beyond December 2020 to give businesses more time to prepare.

Following the election, in which the Tories won their biggest majority since the 1980s, UKinbound CEO Joss Croft said: “We welcome the new Government and look forward to continuing our dialogue and working with them on the key priorities for the inbound tourism industry during the Brexit transition period and beyond.

“The industry contributed £23 billion to the UK economy last year but in order to keep growing and flourishing we need to have continued access to employees from all over the world, frictionless borders for our visitors post Brexit and continued strong promotion of the UK as a welcoming destination.

“We also urge the Government to consider extending the Brexit transition period beyond December 2020 if needed so that businesses have enough time to prepare.”

ABTA issued a statement which said: “The General Election result establishes a new political landscape that affects both ABTA members and the general travelling public. Many issues have been raised and debated over the past six weeks, including the question of Brexit.

“The next government has an important role to play in providing the structures to enable our sector to prosper, whether that is establishing a flexible future trading relationship with the EU, working with our members to achieve climate change goals, or providing a taxation regime that allows the industry to thrive and make a positive social and financial contribution to the UK.

“ABTA will represent the needs of our industry, and follow up on our priorities with the new government to build confidence in travel further.”

The election result saw the value of the pound jump against the euro to the highest level since July 2016.

Rob Stross, CMO of P2P travel money, said although holidaymakers can now get more foreign currency for their pound, Brexit it still looming and could cause huge fluctuations in value.

“So holidaymakers should look at planning ahead to get the best deal rather than wait until the day before they travel,” he said.

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