/CLIA unveils key cruise trends for 2020

CLIA unveils key cruise trends for 2020

Published on Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sustainability, lone travellers and bite-sized cruises are among the trends identified in the latest outlook report for the cruise industry.

CLIA’s 2020 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook report, out this week, has come up with seven key trends for next year, which are:

Environmental sustainability, including the development and identification of new technologies and cleaner fuels

Destination stewardship, where cruise lines works with destinations to explore new and creative ways to manage the flow of visitors and implement the highest standards of responsible tourism including

Cruise and stay, with more travellers spending time in and near cruise ports. The report says 65% of cruise passengers now spend a few extra days at embarkation or debarkation ports.

The reduction of single-use plastic, based on research that found 82% of cruise passengers recycle and 80% are reducing using single-use plastics while travelling. Seven out of ten cruisers also forego plastic straws.

Generation cruise positive, with ore than 66% of Generation X and 71% of Millennials having a more positive attitude about cruising than they had two years ago.

Lone cruisers, due to declining marriage rates. As a result, cruise lines are responding to the shift in passenger demographics by offering studio cabins, single-friendly activities, eliminating single supplements and solo-lounges.

Micro travel, with many travellers looking for quick trips. In response, cruise lines are offering bite-sized cruises over a three-to-five-day period offering shorter itineraries to a variety of destinations.

The report says 32 million passengers are expected to set sail in 2020 with 19 new ocean ships~due to launch next year.

To view the full 2020 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook findings click here.

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