/CAA site crashes as owners rush to register drones

CAA site crashes as owners rush to register drones

Published on Monday, December 2, 2019

The Civil Aviation Authority’s website crashed on Friday as owners rushed to register their drones in time for new regulations.

From December 1, owners of drones weighing over 250g have to register their device, take an online theory test and pay a one-off £9 fee.

The new law aims to tackle drone misuse and the rising number of incidents that aviation authorities have had to deal with in recent years, including the chaos at Gatwick a year ago, in which 140,000 passengers had flights cancelled or diverted over two days.

Following the Gatwick Airport drone incident, the no-fly zone around airports was extended in March from 0.6 miles to 3.1 miles.

The CAA said: “UK drone laws are changing and it’s vital that drone users – whether they fly regularly or not – are aware of how the drone registration scheme will affect them.”

There have been 87 reported incidents so far in 2019.

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