/BA takes customer service back to basics

BA takes customer service back to basics

Published on Thursday, November 28, 2019

British Airways has empowered airport staff worldwide to resolve customer queries on the spot rather than referring them to its customer relations department.

The move follows the successful launch of BA’s first contact resolution programme at London Heathrow last year.

It will now be rolled out to every airport BA operates to, allowing staff to provide instant solutions to problems on the ground.

BA customer service manager in Delhi, Mumbai and the Maldives Sumer Adlkaha said: “The new approach has been welcomed by the whole of our airport team and our customers.

“It gives us the ability to own and resolve a problem without having to ask customers to call or email our Customer Relations team which is time-consuming for them.

“They’ve told us they love that our agents are using their own knowledge and skills to resolve issues and particularly enjoy the personal touch we are able to give in each situation.”

BA head of airport operations Tom Stevens said: “We’ve seen a fantastic response to the First Contact Resolution programme at Heathrow, which is about going back to basics and emphasising the age-old concept of ‘treating others as you would want to be treated’.

The roll out worldwide will provide consistency for our customers, giving everyone the unique and personal attention that they deserve, wherever they are in the world.”


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