/Venice flooded after highest tide for more than 50 years

Venice flooded after highest tide for more than 50 years

Published on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Much of Venice has been flooded by the highest tide for more than 50 years, forcing tourists visiting its main attractions to slosh through water.

Many of the historic squares were left deep underwater after the tide peaked at 187 cm late yesterday evening, which was just short of the 194cm seen in 1966 (above).

Visitors were forced to make their way along temporary platforms above the floodwater, while others waded through the streets.

Saint Mark’s Square had more than a metre of water and Saint Mark’s Basilica was flooded.

The extent of damage to the historical church is not clear but when it last flooded in 2018, its administrator said it had aged 20 years in a single day, said Sky News.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro blamed climate change, saying: “The situation is dramatic. We ask the government to help us. The cost will be high.

“This is the result of climate change. A high tide of 187 cm is going to leave an indelible wound.”

When Venice flooded in October last year, authorities blamed a delay to a scheme to erect underwater barriers that would rise whenever the tide reaches 43 inches, which happens an average of four times a year.

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