/Pilot wrongfully accused of indecent exposure receives $300,000

Pilot wrongfully accused of indecent exposure receives $300,000

Published on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A United Airlines pilot his to be paid $300,000 by the City of Denver after he was wrongfully arrested for indecent exposure.

Armed police stormed Andrew Collins’ hotel room at the Westin after airport workers saw him standing naked at the 10th floor window, which overlooks the terminal at Denver International Airport.

Airport staff had called police, claiming Captain Collins, aged 54, was ‘fondling himself’ while talking on the phone.

Collins said he couldn’t see out of the tinted windows and he was unaware that he could be seen from the concourse.

Collins’ attorney argued that being naked inside a hotel room was not an offence and the charges were dropped by a judge, but Collins had been suspended by United for six months. He has since started flying again, however, Collins says he is continually harassed.

“I have been tagged by Homeland Security. Anytime I get back into the country, I am pulled aside and asked if I have been in trouble with the law,” the pilot said.

Collins’s attorney Craig Silverman also laid some of the blame at the Marriott-run hotel for allowing armed officers into the hotel room without a warrant.

“The DIA Westin performed poorly. We’d like them to step up and acknowledge responsibility,” they said.
Collins had originally sought damages of $1 million, but agreed a $300,000 settlement with the City of Denver. He has not ruled out filing a lawsuit in the future.

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