/Oyo hotel manager arrested following schoolboy death

Oyo hotel manager arrested following schoolboy death

Published on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The manager of an Oyo hotel has been arrested a month after a schoolboy died after being electrocuted during a stay.

Sandeep Kumar, manager of Collection O hotel in Delhi, was arrested by Delhi Police, who say other staff are likely to be arrested shortly.

Teenager Priyanshu Kumar died when he took a bath and was electrocuted due to a water supply issue.

“When the geyser was kept on without any water inside, it got short-circuited. Once water supply resumed and the boy went to take a bath, there was a surge of electricity and he was electrocuted moments after the water started flowing,” a senior police officer said.

“We have served notices to senior officials of Oyo and also questioned some of them. We have also questioned the staff who attended to the victim’s complaint before the incident, and found negligence on the part of the hotel manager and a room attendant, who is likely to be arrested in the coming days.”

Oyo said there have been no arrests of its own employees, adding that it will ‘actively assist in any investigation’.

The boy was staying at the hotel for a shooting competition in Delhi.

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