/American Airlines flight crew voice concerns about 737 MAX safety

American Airlines flight crew voice concerns about 737 MAX safety

Published on Friday, November 1, 2019

American Airlines’ flight attendants have no intention of working aboard the Boeing 737 MAX without the full facts over the currently grounded plane’s safety guarantees, according to their union.

The flight attendants union still has concerns about the safety of the 737 MAX and is pushing to play an active role when it gets clearance to relaunch.

“The 28,000 flight attendants working for American Airlines refuse to walk onto a plane that may not be safe and are calling for the highest possible safety standards to avoid another tragedy,” Association of Professional Flight Attendants president Lori Bassani wrote in a letter sent to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

American Airlines is the second largest U.S. customer for the 737 MAX with 24 aircraft.

Muilenburg was grilled by lawmakers over safety issues and the perceived lax oversight by the FAA.

Bassani said the hearing highlights the FAA’s lack of resources to fully oversee safety issues and certification of new aircraft.

The union wants access to all relevant information before crews are sent back to work on MAX jets.

Boeing says it still expects the 737 MAX will get the green light to resume flying before the end of the year.

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