/Brexit is number-one holiday cost concern for more than half of Brits

Brexit is number-one holiday cost concern for more than half of Brits

Published on Monday, October 28, 2019

Over 28 million Brits are most concerned about the impact of Brexit on the cost of foreign currency and holidays.

The figure amounts to 54% of adults, according to the findings of research by peer-to-peer travel money provider WeSwap.

The research coincides with EU leaders agreeing in principle to extend Brexit until 31 January 2020.

The agreement means the UK will not leave as planned on Thursday and prolongs uncertainty in the travel sector and other industries.

The research reveals 30% (15.6 million) believe that Brexit will affect holidays more than any other aspect of life. The figure rises to 43% of those aged 18-34.

Among the 55+ age group, only 24% believed Brexit would not make their holidays more expensive.

Among millennials, 63% said they were concerned the cost of their holidays will increase once the UK leaves the European Union and

Sixty four per cent of Londoners and 60% of Scots are concerned that holidaying in general will become more expensive

WeSwap is advising holidaymakers to buy half of their holiday money now and half later to mitigate the risk of currency fluctuations.

WeSwap CMO Rob Stross said: “It is near impossible to predict exactly how Brexit and upcoming political events will impact our everyday lives and our freedom to travel to all corners of the globe.”

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