/Brand expert on Thomas Cook collapse

Brand expert on Thomas Cook collapse

Published on Monday, October 21, 2019

Was Thomas Cook’s brand tarnished before it crashed and did this contribute to its demise?

Brand specialist Jason Triandafyllou of Designate argues that in recent years it had lost its way and forgotten what it meant to ‘don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it’.

He says the re-brand in 2013, during which the holiday giant dropped its familiar slogan and replaced it with ‘Let’s go’ – and a new ‘sticking plaster’ logo – was more of a re-badge and did nothing to reignite the failing brand.

Here he talks to TravelMole’s Graham McKenzie about the erosion of Thomas Cook’s reputation and what Hays Travel, which bought its 555 shops, needs to do to continue to thrive.

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