/Hays Travel to take on 2,500 ex-Cook staff

Hays Travel to take on 2,500 ex-Cook staff

Published on Friday, October 18, 2019

Around 2,500 former Thomas Cook staff will find jobs with Hays Travel to run its new shops.

A week after Hays Travel announced it was taking over the 555 shops, it has already employed over 2,000 ex-Cook employees.

In total, it expects to take on 2,500 to help run its new shops.

More applications are being taken and the recruitment helpline is open all week on 0800 215 5995.

The first Hays Travel holiday booked in a Thomas Cook happened at the Denmark Centre in South Shields, and since then more bookings have been taking place all over the country.

John and Irene Hays believe they can make a success of the retail business where Thomas Cook directors failed, pointing to rising sales of package holidays.

The couple have been in a media whirl since the announcement and will be chatting to BBC2’s Jeremy Vine on his show today (Friday).


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