/Hays Travel recruits over 1,700 former Thomas Cook staff

Hays Travel recruits over 1,700 former Thomas Cook staff

Published on Monday, October 14, 2019

Hays Travel has hired 1,761 former Thomas Cook staff so far, with 123 former Thomas Cook agency shops trading over the weekend.

Hays has acquired leases for all 555 Thomas Cook shops and the agency plans to open them all.

The Telegraph reports Hays Travel signage and branded uniforms for new staff are mostly yet to arrive, with some employees coming in to work in their Thomas Cook uniforms.

Chairman John Hays said: “We’re definitely ahead of where we forecast we’d be with regards to staff recruitment and shop openings, and we’re having the kind of logistical frustrations that we anticipated.”

He said ‘foreign exchange was a major part of Thomas Cook and is a major part of Hays Travel’ adding it could generate £750m to £1bn in revenues annually through the new stores.

In addition to an anticipated £1bn in additional travel sales and Hays Travel’s £1bn in existing sales, the company could become a £3bn-a-year business, the report says. 

Hays added the rate of opening should be quicker as time goes on.

Hays has bought all 555 Thomas Cook stores following Cook’s collapse last month. 


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