/PandO Cruise passengers forced to sleep in sports hall

PandO Cruise passengers forced to sleep in sports hall

Published on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Cruise passengers on P&O’s Azura had to spend the night in a sports hall after choppy seas left them unable to return to the ship.

Holidaymakers on a Mediterranean cruise were unable to re-join the ship in Monte Carlo and, because it was the Monaco boat show, there were no hotel rooms available.

“Shelter and food were provided by the ship’s crew for those guests still on shore,” said a spokeswoman for P&O.

“Our priority was to find somewhere to accommodate all guests in one place so that our crew could support and look after them.”

Guests were provided with water, biscuits, cookies, nuts, hot soup, sandwiches,~chocolate bars, and fresh fruit.

The following morning they were transported to neighbouring Villefranche~where the tendering operations were resumed and Azura continued on to Cartagena, Spain, the next scheduled port of call.~

“We are so sorry that this happened. It is certainly not what we would ever want for our guests but safety is always our absolute priority,” said the P&O spokeswoman.

“We are now doing everything possible to ensure that all guests have a wonderful time for the rest of their holiday.”

She said the passengers received both ‘financial and experiential’ compensation but did not disclose further details.

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