/Union says BA pilots are calling for more strikes

Union says BA pilots are calling for more strikes

Published on Friday, September 27, 2019

British Airways has upset pilots and unions by blaming pilots’ strikes for its profit warning yesterday.

BALPA said BA was being ‘disingenuous’ by blaming the industrial action on a £120 million hit to its business.

The union argued the strikes could have been avoided for £5 million, not counting the ‘huge cost of disruption’ to passengers and freight users.

BALPA said BA was wrong to lay all the blame on the strikes and should have also mentioned its recent IT issues and its GDPR fine.

Pilots had called off a strike planned for today to allow for a ‘period of reflection’, but say they have had no response from the airline.

BALPA said BA pilots believe their management is treating them with contempt and are now asking union bosses to consider more strike dates.

“This is proof that BA’s intransigence towards its pilots is economic madness,” said BALPA general secretary Brian Strutton.

“Their total disengagement is evidence of a senior management team that has lost the plot and doesn’t know how to resolve their dispute with their pilots.”

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