/Travel company welcomes call for cap on air passenger growth

Travel company welcomes call for cap on air passenger growth

Published on Wednesday, September 25, 2019


A travel company has welcomed a call from the Committee on Climate Change for international aviation and shipping to be included in the UK’s net-zero emissions target for 2050.

The letter from the CCC’s chairman Lord Deben to the transport secretary Grant Shapps acknowledges this would require limiting aviation growth to no more than 25% above current levels.

However, Responsible Travel CEO Justin Francis said: “For too long, aviation has been able to continue to grow with soaring and unchecked emissions but the CCC has been patently clear here: it is time to rein it in; international aviation (and shipping) must be included in the net-zero 2050 target.”

Lord Deben’s later calls for aviation emissions to be cut by around 20% by 2050 through improvements to fuel efficiency and by some use of sustainable biofuels, as well as by limiting growth.

“Responsible Travel has been actively campaigning this year for reforms to Air Passenger Duty, with a new Green Flying Duty, so I am delighted that the CCC is recommending reforms to Air Passenger Duty as one way in which to successfully manage demand in the limited time we have left in which to act,” added Francis.

“Business as usual is no longer an option in any sector. We need to say goodbye to the over-consumption of artificially cheap flights and the endless expansion of airports and change the way we travel before it is too late.”

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